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Christ on a Bike

I’d decided to gun-it down the middle of Florida. I’d been warned that when you reach the coasts the prices go up, along with the traffic and towns along with it. Apparently the Eastern coast towards Miami is lined with condos – not exactly the shoreside ride I’d had in mind, and to be honest, I prefer forests.

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Hoe Down

The US90. Lovely stretch of road. Lined with trees. Big old sun in the sky. Nice wide, smooth shoulder to ride on. All mine for around six days. I got bored of the perfect conditions quite quickly, such is the fickle nature of a cyclist, I wanted some twists and turns along the way.

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True Grits

I didn’t make it too far into far into Louisiana before finding my first stop; Merryville Historic Museum. These guys are nice enough to put up cyclists in a little cabin, and they have a warm shower, couldn’t ask for more.

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Return to Oz

When you’ve got a good thing going on, it’s pretty stupid to just pack up and ride off into the sunset, right? I mean, it’s not an endurance race.

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Butt Sweat & Tears

Remember the kid at school who played conkers and claimed to have a ‘hundreder’. The same applies in cycle touring.

A lot of cyclists claim to have a mythical seat that they can ride a century of miles on, day in day out, without any symptoms of ‘babooning’ of the arse.

I call them liars.

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Australia was never really on the list when I set off. I’ve gone off-piste.

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Go with the Flo

If there’s one word I can think of to describe the first 400km of Uzbekistan it’s —


Enough room to swing a cat. Enough room to swing several cats tied together, which is fine out here, there’s probably no RSPCA.

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Preparation H

I once read that preparing to go on an indefinite cycle tour was easy, and that it could be split up into three easy steps –

1. Buy a bike
2. Quit your job
3. Start riding

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